What to expect

Autoimmunity: First Things First

Autoimmunity is multi-factorial and complex, usually occurring as a comorbidity or concomitant (accompanying) state/s of dysfunction.

Autoimmune conditions are caused by autoantibodies that are 'attacking' our tissues, yes. However, the condition/s can be exacerbated by hidden or unknown factors. In other words, there are factors that typically keep us feeling worse than we should feel regardless our diagnosis. In truth this is very common for those of us with autoimmune conditions.  

It is rare that a state of autoimmune dysfunction manifests as a set of isolated symptom(s), and as a result of a singular causal factor. Moreover, think about this, for many of us, our doctor has identified multiple diseases and therefore assigned more than one diagnosis; often regarded as unrelated and separate. The challenge we face as autoimmune survivors is that our doctor's diagnosis does not tell us the 'why', it simply tells us the 'what'. Further, more often than not, our multi-diagnoses are, in fact, interrelated and not separate states of dysfunction at all. You can see how complex this story can become. Multiple disease diagnoses, most possibly interrelated, and due to multiple causal factors. Notwithstanding, although a doctors diagnosis is important information to have, it is only the first step.


This is where Mission Healing Engage comes in

. Here's the basic process. First, we will work together to unravel the multiplex of contributing factors; moving beyond the the 'what', digging into the details to discover the 'why'. Next, we address those contributing factors with nutritional, mindset, and lifestyle therapies to help lessen, alleviate, and improve health; with the ultimate objective of improving our overall quality of life. It is important to understand however, with autoimmunity there is no cure. But there are natural therapies that can help us live and function more optimally. More importantly, no one therapy is correct for everyone. There is no one-size-fits-all for any autoimmune disease. Although there may be some commonality, everyone is different in their bio-physical and psycho-emotional constitution. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to addressing chronic dysfunction. It simply is not possible. Because of this, everyone will have varying and different results from any healing modality, be it holistic, alternative, nutritional, orthomolecular, or allopathic. This is why there simply are no guarantees. However, based on sound clinical and scientific evidence, there is reasonable expectation that most individuals will experience beneficial results from natural and holistic therapies.

Let's talk root cause for a minute

Yes! Of course your body can and will heal itself... that's what it is supposed to do. That's what it does and it does it automatically.

It does not have to be taught. 

So why do we develop health issues that compromise this healing process? 


The problem comes in when your body becomes overburdened... 
You see, your body is still working to heal and protect you, always. However, we do live in a different world than our grandparents, and even our parents. 

Simply, in the modern world, we are surrounded by many, many environmental toxins from our food, from our water, from our air. It is the price of a 'developed and progressive' world.


So, the difficulty comes in when our normal detoxification pathways - which in the past were able to keep up with natural environmental toxins - become over taxed by synthetic or human-made poisons that have been incrementally introduced into the mix. 


Our bodies simply have a difficult time keeping up, especially those of us that are genetically predisposed to autoimmune conditions or immuno-compromised. Now this does not mean that if one is genetically predisposed to autoimmunity that they are doomed. Instead it means we have to be more aware of the impact of our environment and take the necessary steps in being proactive to counter these things so that we can achieve optimal health, whatever that looks like on an individual basis. 

A word on MHE's Healing Programs...  

Signing up for one of our healing programs is an investment, not a cost.

It is an investment in yourself, your health, and the quality of your life for the rest of your life. Working with me will provide you with a new tool set that you will be able to use to empower, protect, and guide yourself out of future autoimmune crises; enabling you to know what to do and when, and how to handle the ups and downs and inevitable flares that come with autoimmunity. In short, instead of feeling helpless, panic, and that typical impending sense of doom and fear in the pit of the stomach when a new pain sets in or an old pain flares up, you will have the tools necessary to say "I know what I need to do to get through this as quickly as possible... I know how to take care of this. I know how to save myself from this!" 

Let's discuss mindset and expectation

This will be a health journey rather than a quick or one-time fix. In other words being in it for the long-haul and continuing to observe specific health promoting practices that are unique to you will be essential to reverse dysfunction and achieve optimal health and healing. This will require going through a systematic and proven process founded on scientific methods and sound holistic healing modalities. This process is designed to help you make slow and steady progress on your way back to health while reducing symptoms and reversing the hidden and underlying triggers and mediators that keep you stuck in a state of dysfunction and sub-optimal health. 

Here's the catch. You will need to be open to new possibilities and ideas that may potentially challenge long-standing conventional beliefs of what optimal health is and how it is "supposed" to look. This includes ideas about lifestyle, diet, and nutrition; including likes and dislikes regarding food preferences. 

I'm not saying abandon things you know work for you. But I am saying you must be open to the processes and to learning a new approach and skill-set that will enable you to achieve and maintain your health for a lifetime.


In order to do some deep healing, we will need to "push the reset button" on a life of learning incomplete or just plain incorrect information about what health is, what it is supposed to look like, and what it takes to achieve your own personal version of health. Because we are not concerned with 'health'... we are concerned with optimal health, YOUR optimal health... we are concerned with you being the most and the best and firing-on-all-cylinders you that I know you can be!


But to get there will require you to put away preconceptions and ideals and to make room in your life to begin the most important personal work you will ever do for your life... working on the truth of your own individual and personal needs to achieve your best personal health and vitality.

Are you ready to take this journey?

The truth is this will not be easy. However, it doesn't necessarily need to be difficult either. It may even feel 'scary' and unfamiliar at times. It's really all about mind set and motivation. But speaking from personal experience it will absolutely be worth it. The chance to explore the many potential healing opportunities available to you for a chance at feeling better, healthier, and with reduced symptomology is something that transcends monetary value.

My Commitment to You

If you are willing to commit to this process 100%, I will also commit 100% in return. For this to work you must be willing to do the work and hold up your end of the deal. I cannot do this for you. I can only guide and help uncover healing opportunities. It will be up to you to decide what you want to do with those opportunities.

If you're ready to finally feel good again and to empower yourself and your life for the rest of your life... then let's get started because, quite frankly it is long overdue and you are worth it!

My Coaching Style

I strive to create a place of non-judgement and collaboration as the starting and destination points with the goal of forging a coach-client relationship of trust and confidentiality. Only from this point can we collaborate to find unique answers and solutions that work specifically for you.

In short, this will not be about me preaching to you...

That said, I will be honest and forthright. I will tell it like it is to give you an honest and true picture of your health and what will be required along your path to optimal health. I am here to help you get results. I believe only through assessing a situation with honesty and intellectual integrity -  on both sides -  is it possible to climb up and reach the top of the mountain.