SAD: is extra weight your fault? Simple answer...No!

If you've been in a place where you feel no matter what you do, 
-you can't stick to a diet
-you can't refrain from snacking 
-you feel guilty about your eating habits

...then this video is for you!

Notice: in the video I'm using the term 'full' and satiety interchangeably. These terms can have slightly different connotations. But for the purpose of a quick video I don't make a distinction.


The name of the game is really nutrient mindfulness...

The Standard American Diet (aka SAD) is not only high in calories and low in nutrition 

...the typical foods that we all consume are grossly deficient in micro-nutrient content.

When we eat foods that are deficient, we can truly never feel satiated. 

...those high-caloric foods we eat, make us fat and not necessarily because of the high calorie content (although that doesn't help), but it's more about the fact that no matter how much we eat, our bodies KNOW there is something missing...

So, when you cannot stick to a healthy diet, and feel the need to 'cheat' and sneak a piece of cake or brownie, or fudge, or more ice cream... is it your fault? 


I'm here to tell you 
a) you're not weak 
b) it has very little to do with will power and 
c) it's not your fault. 

The ' inability' to curb those detrimental cravings have more to do with your body's many cries for nutrients that satisfy the biochemical needs of your body 

...and almost nothing to do with will power. 

And nutrient deficiency is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to weight-influencing factors.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity testing should not be used and interpreted as a stand-alone metric. This form of testing is best leveraged as additional or supplemental data to inform other biochemical factors and health markers.

Also, it is important to note, food sensitivity and autoimmunity are not the same thing. 

Food sensitivity may often occur as a precursor or co-morbidity to autoimmune disease however. More importantly, root cause for autoimmune or chronic conditions are typically multifactorial.


Food sensitivity can certainly be a main driver or linchpin in uncovering many chronic conditions. In the case of known autoimmunity, food sensitivity testing is best leveraged as an adjunct to the AIP elimination diet (not a replacement!), which is still considered the gold standard for addressing food sensitivities and intolerance: a simple food sensitivity test can often help fine-tune the process. 


Information on this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended, does not constitute, and is not meant to be construed or used as medical advice, medical diagnosis, or medical treatment. 

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