How I can help you


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I am in the business of helping autoimmune survivors get their health back on track and dysfunction in check, providing effective health, nutrition, and functional lab testing consultation services along with proven holistic therapies.

(What To Expect?)


I do not attempt to diagnose or treat disease but rather offer services to help you support and improve upon your health. I offer lab interpretation services along with lifestyle, mindset, dietary, and/or supportive supplemental suggestions and recommendations based on lab results, intake forms, and medical history (i.e. coaching services to help guide you to improve your health). 

I work on cases involving various forms of autoimmune dysfunction specializing in disorders of chronic systemic inflammation such as psoriatic and arthritic conditions of the joints, soft tissues, and organs. 


My typical client has "tried everything", has been diagnosed with an/ many autoimmune condition(s) (by a physician), has seen many doctors and tried many drug therapies, but still "not getting/ feeling any better."

MHE does not and will not discriminate against race, color, gender, age, or sexual orientation.

I meet with my clients remotely via Zoom, phone, or Skype sessions. Therefore, I can work with just about anyone, anywhere with access to a computer, web cam, and a decent internet connection.

What is an FDN-P and How can they help me?


I'm a certified FDN-P (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner), 

AIPCC (Autoimmune Paleo Certified Coach), and

MS-HNFM (Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine) candidate.


As a graduate student of the MS-HNFM 

program at UWS, I continue to receive advanced clinical insight, training, and proven methodologies within functional medicine, immunology, and orthomolecular & nutritional therapies: expanding my ability to deliver, and help my clients achieve true and lasting results. 

As an FDN-P I've been trained to investigate and correlate clues of dysfunction based on interrelated health-impacting and underlying, often hidden, factors.


The FDN paradigm and approach is based on holistic and health-building principals. Rather than focus on symptoms (symptoms are not the problem, they are the result of the underlying problem) I will work to coach up and build health and vitality by addressing the entirety of all body systems and their functional impact upon one-another, thereby positively influencing the individual as a whole. 


Therefore, an FDN-P is not a licensed medical practitioner and is not attempting to practice medicine, dispense medical advice, or replace the role of a licensed medical physician, and will not attempt to diagnose or treat any illness or disease. 


I can operate as an adjunct to your primary-care physician, working with clients that are a) currently working with a primary care physician, b) have received an official diagnosis of autoimmune disease, and c) are ready to go beyond what conventional drugs can offer and willing to explore holistic modalities to address underlying drivers of dysfunction.  . 

 Functioning to facilitate health advocacy and health building practices on your behalf, I fulfill an educational role helping you to make empowered and informed choices concerning decisions impacting your long-term and lifelong health.


I assist my clients in discovering the healing opportunities available to them through investigative lab work and correlation of any potential mitigating factors or roadblocks to optimal health: tailoring sound health-building, natural, and holistic protocols based on individual biochemistry and individual need; directly affecting and improving upon underlying, root-causal factors of hidden dysfunction.

Stated plainly, I will take your history, results from your functional lab work, along with on-going dialog between you and myself, correlate these data points and offer coaching and holistic modality therapies available to you based on these factors. In essence coach up your natural vitality while coaching down contributors to dysfunction and Metabolic Chaos ©

The Functional Approach


Symptoms are not the problem

A fundamental operating tenant of an FDN is "Symptoms are not the problem, they are the result of the problem!"

Symptoms are in fact a result of the true underlying or causal factor of chronic health issues. They are not the actual problem!

Test, Don't Guess!

Another fundamental tenant is "Test, Don't Guess!" 

Said another way, rather than guessing what the problem is and chasing symptoms, we seek to discover the root-cause(s) of dysfunction by testing for known causes of dysfunction, then act accordingly. 

An FDN-P will leverage functional lab results to look for healing opportunities within clues of dysfunction as a means to tie-in as many underlying causal factors of dysfunction as possible, thereby ascertaining the most appropriate means of coaching-up, improving, and optimizing health and well-being.


By utilizing the latest in functional lab testing and obtaining concrete and objective biochemical (unique) information about each client, we are able correlate lab data to client history and individual life circumstance to assist in identifying the best and most effective health-building protocols on a case-by-case and individual basis.


What does this mean to you?


What this all means to you is that we (you and me) will take the necessary steps to gather as many objective and personal data points about you as possible, in other words construct a complete and accurate data set about you.

This approach affords the opportunity to tailor sound and effective health-building protocols based solely on you: your health status, your biochemistry, your toxic load, and own special kind of "broken-ness".

I use therapies proven to improve underlying,

root-causal dysfunction and reverse chronic conditions.