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A Major Milestone...

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Major milestone this week...

After three arduous years of hitting the books, case studies, research projects, labs analysis, digging deep in the areas of nutritional science, immunology, autoimmunity, biochemistry and physiology, and functional analysis differential, I am finally graduating this week with a Master of Science in Functional Medicine (i.e. diagnostic medicine) and Human Nutrition. Next phase, one year of clinical residency to earn licensure as a Clinical Nutritionist.

Why did I agree to put myself through this academic torment?

Simple answer: to "fix" myself.

More elaborate answer: My deteriorating health became a moving target. My final 'chess move' to try and survive was to (a) give up a previous career as an network engineer, (b) go back to school, and (c) start my life all over again. I could no longer survive the 24-7 on-call of a Tier III/IV life of an engineer in the field of technology. More importantly, playing "throw the medical dart at my disease to see what sticks" became more difficult than biting the bullet: learning the actual science behind why some things work for some people and other things work for others; some things don't work for anyone.

For those looking for help, guidance, or assistance achieving a new milestone with autoimmune disease management, hit up my booking calendar. I offer free 30 minute consults. We use this time to establish your personal health goals, set an agenda and trajectory, and discuss how nutritional science can benefit your specific health challenges.

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