Frequently Asked Questions



Autoimmune disorders are complex, requiring concerted effort to puzzle together a multitude of disparate pieces; an endeavor to ascertain a complete and true picture of what and why this is happening to you. This is a requisite process before engaging in intentionally meaningful actions toward improving an autoimmune-driven state of poor health. In other words, you can't fix a lifetime of health issues over night. I will be very frank here. 99% of the solution lies with you and your commitment to getting well.

Look, there are no secrets here. It's not like the information is not "out there". Much of the evidential literature exists, free to the public. So, YES you can figure this stuff out on your own. However, I would submit to you that, given the complicated and multiplex nature of autoimmunity, working with a health coach that is specifically trained and educated in the area of autoimmune issues can facilitate a more expeditious discovery process to find individualized solutions that will work for you. The potential benefits from this process are then obvious; you get your health back on track sooner rather than later; you stop suffering sooner than later; you start feeling better sooner than later; you get your life back sooner than later. This can be an important factor for those of us who have suffered with autoimmune disease for years and decades, having already tried to figure things out for ourselves; possibly achieving varying degrees of success but still not quite getting over that plateau. Speaking from experience, when I finally found a health coach that I had a personal connection with, that also understood autoimmune dysfunction, this is when I finally started to see results. This was a pivotal decision that helped turn the tide and finally start to get my health back on track. 


The key here in working with a health coach is (a) finding a health coach that you feel a personal connection with. There are A LOT of health coaches out there. Don't settle for someone with which you don't feel a good rapport is possible, and (b) putting down your guard and allowing someone to actually HELP you. Letting go of knowing everything and actually allowing someone to help guide you out of a deep dark hole. This requires trust on both sides; hence the good "feeling" you must have when choosing the right health coach.   

Moreover, when it comes to holistic, natural health modalities there simply is no

substitute with regard to the healing and regenerative potential in these therapies.

This truly offers the best option to improve chronic conditions when coupled

with functional lab science and clinical investigation (i.e. a health coach trained in lab interpretation and knowing the appropriate action steps to take).


However, make no mistake, there are no short-cuts and everyone's healing journey will be different and everyone will experience benchmarks and breakthroughs at very different rates and stages. Additionally, to truly benefit from this approach it is typically necessary to run some lab tests, more than once, to a) get a before and after snapshot, b) chart progress with objective verifiable data, and c) course-correct therapies if and when necessary.


That said, the functional and holistic approach to healing is a sound and proven approach. How do I know? Because I did it. I'm living proof! Conversely, the conventional, allopathic approach of taking a drug to suppress symptoms serves only one purpose, to do just that, suppress symptoms; a temporary band aid.

Think of it like this. Essentially, there are two paths that lie before you.
a) Continue to chase symptoms, possibly take drugs that simply suppress those symptoms and remain the same state of dysfunction for years, decades, or a lifetime, or b) work with a functional health coach, setting aside the necessary time and making the improvement of your health a priority, zero in on the underlying issues contributing to your state of dysfunction, and come away with a  solid actionable game-plan and get your health and life back.

Your health lies with you and your decision to take charge of what happens to you and your body and your life. The choice is yours!

And here's the disclaimer

As a non-licensed medical practitioner I cannot and will not tell you to stop taking a drug therapy that has been prescribed by your doctor.

Observing the holistic and functional paradigm, however, can help to empower you about your health and the choices available to you so that you can take the wheel and decide what is best for you, your health, and your life. When it comes to living with autoimmune and chronic conditions, it's all about choices and knowing you have a choice and a voice.